One of Astor's many wins

Astor's friendly expression

Astor was Kennel Stenänga´s stud dog. He was a dog that you couldn't help loving . Astor was a true gentleman "right out to the tip of his paws". He had a lovely temperament, and was "mental tested". Astor was x-rayed (HD / AD free). He had an enormous success in the show-ring, and had many titles. Astor has been one of the best show-dogs in Sweden during the last 5 years. He was the firs foreign Ridgeback to become a British Champion. Astor was also International and German Champion. He was also trained in field trail .

He has offsprings living in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Norway, USA, Switzerland, Germany and in France.

Astor is deeply missed - and we are grateful to ever have known such a beautiful and gentle Ridgeback. Thank you.

Mentality tested
Hips A / Elbows A